What is the meaning of yoga?

The word yoga derives from the root YUJ which means UNION ,yoke or merger.
A systematic process of self unfoldment is yoga .The merger of soul with god and the experience of oneness with him is meant by yoga. This union describes the goal of yoga, to unite us with the ULTIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS, which is sometimes called the absolute ,the self, god or the creator.

Yoga Philosophy

The aim of man's life is to be free from worldly sorrows and to get submerged in the supreme soul and attain eternal bliss without any rebirth again. A man attached to the tempting delusions of the world, suffers from sorrows and pains. To escape from these sorrows and to unite with eternal being , man has to adopt one of the paths of yoga.

Yoga is Not :

1 A Rope trick
2 Magic
3 Exhibition of power
4 Physical exercise
5 Asanas only
6 Only for patients
7 Religion

I teach different styles of yoga :

Hatha yoga
Ashtanga yoga
yoga for weight reduction
yoga for kids
yoga for daily fitness of mind body and soul

Guidelines for Yoga Practice

Bring your water bottle, yoga mat, towel and blocks or bolster if you need

  1. Regularity and punctuality is very important to make you successful candidate.
  2. Loud speaking, eating, drinking, using any drugs, alcohol, cell phone will not be allowed during class.
  3. Keep clean yourself as well as your mat and dress.
  4. Address the teacher respectfully.
  5. Do not ask any questions and doubts during the class time. Ask all your doubts and questions politely in free time.
  6. Do not take wall support to sit. sit with straight back and with good body expressions.
  7. We teach multiple yoga concepts taken from different yoga schools.
  8. Once the payment is done than it’s none refundable.
  9. You can switch to other name of yoga class, if you wish to not to continue the same.
  10. Login 10 min before class.
  11. Inform about Your health condition (if any )before we begin class.
  12. Classes will take place on zoom app. If you doing online.
  13. Face to Face
  14. Prices are fixed
  15. No discount /no negotiation
  16. Don’t go beyond your limits because not responsible for any injuries.

Yoga Glimpses


Yoga Presentation

Yoga Packages

Corporate yoga

Stress, Anxiety, headaches, cholesterol … these are the common words heard in today’s work environment. Whether you’re working from the office or from home, we all have our own share of stress. At times like these, where nothing is certain – mental health and stability is imperative. Allow yoga to help you find your balance and inner peace, as you bravely face these challenges each day. Bring out the best in you – be more positive, more productive and more focused. I conduct online bespoke Yoga classes which are designed around the busy schedule of the Corporate world.

Flow Yoga

Yoga Flow can generally be defined as a yoga Class that incorporates energetic movement through a series of asanas (yoga postures),

Online Yoga Summer camp for kids

Offering online yoga classes exclusively for kids aged 5 – 17, only for the month of August 4 times a week – Sunday to Wednesday at 3 pm UAE time (4.30 pm India and 12 pm UK) A few benefits of Yoga for young children: Yoga helps to build a strong immunity and restores vitality. It helps children manage their anxiety through breathing exercises and techniques, and helps reduce stress in a healthy way. This is an important life skill which will help them all through their life. Yoga enhances memory and improves focus. This helps them with their academic performance in school as it also instils discipline. It helps them build self-esteem and they become more confident with their inner self. Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility which is an important factor as they grow into adulthood. Encourage your child to adopt a healthy lifestyle as they find their direction in life. For bookings or further queries please contact me through WhatsApp on +971 56 361 1742. Hurry!! Online spots are limited… Book today!!

Weight Reduction

This Offer Available till 30th Aug 2021 & its Valid till 45 days

Yoga for Group of Kids


Yoga for Kids is about exploring and learning in a fun, safe and playful way which is why Yoga and kids make a perfect match!

It teaches the practice of mindfulness and focus, which if applied from childhood can work wonders on the growing mind and body of children.

It teaches how to calm the mind and bring about the stillness within. This helps children to listen with attention and make good decisions.

The practice of Yoga emphasizes on breathing better. As a child breathes in deeply and fully, oxygen reaches every part of his lungs and he is filled with energy. It ensures all bodily functions, primarily bringing about sharpness and alertness by improving memory. All the organs in the body are filled with oxygen and more awareness and balance is brought about.

Yoga teaches how to use the energy from the practice more effectively by also bringing direction in the life of kids, due to the calmness of the mind from the practice.

Strength, flexibility and confidence in children is built through the practice, which are prime factors in growing children. Research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior. It is known to reduce anxiety and stress in children by improving the quality of sleep through a calm mind. It is also highly effective for hyper active children to bring about mindfulness, calm and balance within through regular meditation.

I offer online yoga classes for kids aged 5+ which you may access and book through the link below or by directly messaging me on WhatsApp.

Strong minds, strong bodies, strong future.