My name is
- Surmeet Kaur.

Like any other woman, I was also juggling lot of responsibilities in my life. Not only was I a wife to a supporting husband, but also a mother to two young girls who needed constant attention, like any other children. A lot of their early life, I dedicated my time and full attention to their well-being and growth. As fulfilling being a mother and wife was, I still felt this emptiness that I couldn’t fill. As much as I appreciated my lifestyle, I also wanted something new, something that was just for me.

It was around the time my youngest turned 3, when I thought I need to give myself the chance to take up a new challenge that will motivate me to become the best and most happiest version of myself.

After a lot of time thinking and exploring the different career choices, I couldn’t fixate on one as I felt like it didn’t internally satisfy me, i was looking for something more creative, peaceful and flexible for my lifestyle, something that unfortunately a 9-5pm job couldn’t do.

I knew growing up I’ve always had this innate passion for yoga but I didn’t know how to take this further. Being so new to this industry, I knew I needed more than just childhood experience, to be able to succeed in this area.

I took this devotion further and chose to dedicate the little time I had for myself, as I knew deep down that yoga is the only way that helps me connect with myself and if I’m able to do this, I know I can help many others take this enlightening path.

It took a lot of time, knowledge, classes and extra research to be able to go from the basics to much complex studies of yoga. It’s not only a form of exercise, but a way to link our human biology to different practises. It’s a way to connect three cores; body, mind and soul.

October 2015. A key month to remember, around this month I met a phenomenal yoga master named Santosh, who was such an inspiration to me. I felt motivated to work harder and eventually completed 250 hours of YTTC with YOGADARHANAM INSTITUE OF MYSORE ( based in India). He enabled me with key skills needed as a yoga teacher which consist of nutritional, spiritual, physical and anatomical skills. This journey brought a sense of tranquility within me. I knew this was the beginning of a major transformation in my life.

After months of regular practise of yoga, I decided to complete 100 hours of yoga therapy at YOGADARSHANAM in 2016.

Though my experience may sound simple and easy, I can assure you it wasn’t, everyone had their hurdles but yoga has taught me that patience is key.

I started this journey as any other normal housewife and mother, now 5 years later, a woman that is not only a yoga teacher but a yoga therapist, who aims to help people with their mental and physical health issues.

“Yoga is the journey of self, through the self, to the self”
– The Bhagavad Gita.

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To deal with the human mind it’s important to create an environment of human consciousness. My mission is to spread love, awareness,integrity and to understand people’s physical and mental health issues so that through yoga practice I can heal their minds and body.


To be able to establish my own certified institute and reach a larger variety of people for different training courses.
To provide more information to others who are dealing with me. The website motive is not to gain attention but to gain trust

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